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I am incredibly grateful to lead this school, a school that ranks with the best in the state of California. Every year, students leave for high school equipped with the skills to excel in the arenas of their personal/social, academic, and athletic lives. Conversely, new students begin their journey as Sea Kings every year as part of the cyclical process of growing and learning.  I believe that student connectedness through positive relationships with peers, participation in school groups/clubs/activities, and community service is a cornerstone of student achievement. Students are encouraged to get involved and stay involved from the first day to their last day as good habits, and positive relationships, will serve them long after they graduate. 

Professionally, trust is at the center of my vision. Through trust, meaningful relationships will exist and people in any organization can flourish.  Communication is an essential component of a successful organization. I will make every effort to ensure transparency and maintain open lines of communication to our students, staff, and families. Our community and the families that make it up, are an integral part of what makes our school unique and successful. We believe that students are most successful when a mutual partnership is developed between school and home, and we strive to establish and maintain that bond.

I wish all students, staff, and families a successful school year. Remember, the difference between a dream and the fulfillment of it, is the work that you are willing to do.


Micah Farrell, Principal PVIS