Fundraising at PVIS is a multi-faceted activity.  The following activities occur annually to help fundraise for academic enrichment and activities at PVIS:

Academic Excellence Campaign

Palos Verdes Intermediate School is a leader in education and educational programming. The PVIS PTSA is committed to providing top-notch programs for our students. Unfortunately, our schools typically don't receive enough funding from the state to maintain the type of education we strive to provide our students at PVIS. Therefore, the PVIS PTSA uses funding donated through this one-time annual campaign to fund the discrepancy.

The PVIS PTSA has pledged to raise $60,000 to pay for programs and supplemental education for the 2023-2024 school year. 

The PTSA asks for a suggested donation of $150 per student through this annual campaign so that we may continue funding the following worthwhile programs and investing in educational tools for our Sea King community.  Donations of any amount are appreciated.

PVIS PTSA supports:

Classroom Supplies
Elective Wheel Supplies (Art, Chef, Journalism, STEM)
PE & Dance Equipment & Supplies
Technology for the Classrooms & Labs
Classroom & Facilities Upgrades
Disaster Drills, Safety & Preparedness Supplies 

Buses for Field Trips (one roundtrip per grade)

Reflections Art Program
School Garden
Art at Your Fingertips
Math Club

Legislative Advocacy at the Local/State Level

Student Mental Health Awareness Programs
Red Ribbon Week Activities
Yellow Ribbon Week Activities
WEB - Character Development Program

Fulcrum for 6th graders

All Pro Dad
Teacher Classroom Start Up funds
Teacher Education & Training
Teacher & Staff Appreciation Lunches

To donate to the 2023-2024 Academic Excellence Campaign, visit: PVIS Academic Excellence Campaign 2023-24

VIP Sponsors 2023-2024

Thank you to our VIP sponsors for 2023-2024. Your generosity and support are greatly appreciated.

The Aleixo Family
The Ananth Family
The Arafat Family
The Bahrami family
The Baranick Family
The Bollinger Family
The Briese Family
The Campbell Family
The Chavira Family
Chris and Taylor Chen
The Cheung Family
The Crespo Mirat Family
The Cunningham Family
The Cunningham Family
The Cyril Family
The Daly Family
The de Silva Family
The Demko Family
The Ebenhack Family
The Eftekhari Family
The Fairbrother Family
Jordan and Amy Friedman
The Fu Family
The Gan Family
The Gardner family
The Gatto Family
The Gupta Family
The Ha Family
The Hall Family
The Handjian Family
The Hatton Family
Mr. and Mrs. Hirson
The Holcher Family
The Homer Family
Johnny & Carol Hong
The Hua Family
The Ibanez Family
The Jonson Family
The JYT Wong Family
The Kachhadia Family
The Kelly Family
Jae and Yuni Kim
The Klink Family
The Klostrakis Family
The Koenig Family
The Lohman Family
The Ludlow Family
The Manth Family
The Matharu Family
The McDonald Family
The McDuffie Family
The McPhee Family
The Meagher Family
The Miller Family
The Mintz Boys
The Mogilefsky Family
The Nelson Family
The Norero Family
The Ogami Family
Bistra Dilkina and Carlos Ortega
The Ounanian Family
The Pannuzzo Family
The Pekarek Family
The Pun Bhargava Family
The Rayner Family
The Restivo Family
The Rozycki Family
The Sachs Family
The Schrader Family
The Schulz Family
Eunice and Andrew Sheng
The Shi’s family
The Shorter Family
The Simonsen Family
The Sinfield Family
The Smitham Family
Mark and Krista Steburg
The Strongin Family
The Sugarman Family
The Tabis Family
Symar & Navi Uppal
The Ursini Family
The Voytilla Family
Jeff and Amy Wang
The Wildey Family
The Wong Family
Chris and Angie Woo
YiBiao Wu
Mike and Sharon Yang
The Yun Family
The Zhang Family


To become a VIP sponsor please visit: PVIS 2023-2024 Academic Excellence Campaign

Carpool Passes

As a VIP sponsor of PTSA you receive a carpool pass.

Carpools are for morning drop off only and require a minimum of three PVIS students in the car. Students are dropped off on the left-hand side of the island as you enter the main school parking lot, instead of the usual line on the right-hand side.

If you are a VIP sponsor, please collect your carpool pass from the school office. You will need to provide your car make, model, color, and license plate number.

PVIS Spirit Wear

PVIS Spirit Wear is a PTSA fundraiser.

If you'd like to order Spirit Wear, please contact the PTSA 6th VP, Elizabeth Beshear, at