President's Welcome



Greetings Sea Kings, and welcome to the start of a school year like no other! I hope by now everyone is starting to settle into new routines and meet the challenges we are all being faced with each new day, whether physical, emotional, technical, or other.

PTSA is striving to find new ways to help parents, teachers, and students face these challenges. We have been able to join forces with Booster Club to offer teachers triple the amount of classroom start up supply funds typically offered in past years. This helps to offset the cost of setting up a virtual classroom. We are also looking at better ways to communicate so that we can stay connected even though we can’t connect in person.

Check out our socials here, and be sure to share your school pics with us!  Last, we have surveyed our membership to find out when you’d like to meet, and based on those results, we’ll be offering some evening meetings with speakers who’ll address what’s on your mind right now.

PVIS PTSA - Parents, Teachers & Students Working Together to Bring out the Best at PVIS!


PVIS PTSA Meetings

Attend monthly meetings on the 3rd Tuesday every month.

Come and hear monthly guest speakers, our principal Micah Farrell and the PVIS PTSA Executive Board to find out what is happening at our school and in the district. 

***2020 Update:  Virtual Meetings to take place this year.  Email invitations will be sent to parents to participate.***