President:  Tiffney Townley - pvisptsapresident@gmail.com


Executive Vice President:  Stephanie Lundstrom - pvisptsaevp@gmail.com


1st Vice President of Organization:  Amy Friedman - pvisptsa1vp@gmail.com


2nd Vice President of Hospitality:  Jacqueline Enriquez & Chirine Tannous - pvisptsa2vp@gmail.com


3rd Vice President of Education:  Lisa Kim & Jennifer Hong - pvisptsa3vp@gmail.com


4th Vice President of Disaster Preparedness:  Gitte Mikkelson - pvisptsa4vp@gmail.com


5th Vice President of Communication:  Carla Hatler and Natalya Waloejo - pvisptsa5vp@gmail.com


6th Vice President of Ways and Means:  Kristy Watson & Elizabeth Beshear - pvisptsa6vp@gmail.com


7th Vice President of Legislation:  Betty Lin Peterson - pvisptsa7vp@gmail.com


Treasurer:  Margaret Liou - pvisptsatreasurer@gmail.com


Financial Secretary: Cathy Rucker - pvisptsafsec@gmail.com


Auditor: Katherine Tsai - pvisptsaauditor@gmail.com


Recording Secretary: Dawn Wynne - pvisptsarsec@gmail.com


Corresponding Secretary: Lisa Lahr - pvisptsacsec@gmail.com


Historian: Diana Heffernan-Schrader - pvisptsahistorian@gmail.com


Parliamentarian: vacant, please contact president Tiffney Townley for more info.


**IF you are interested in filling an existing position on the PTSA Executive Board OR are interested in becoming a PTSA Board Member in the future, we'd love to have you!  If interested, please contact the PTSA President at pvisptsapresident@gmail.com***